Using a Doctors Note Template Like a Boss

the uses of a dr.'s note
the uses of a dr.’s note

We have all been there — we want to get a little bit of time off for a little “Rest and relaxation” but we do not know how to pull it off with the main man in charge.  Our bosses can be total headaches, and work policies sometimes require a doctors note to get out of work or school.  This stuff is a total drag.  But, thanks to the internet coupled with gifts of our popular culture, such as Huck Finn and Ferris Bueller, we now can get a printable doctors note template to squeeze ourselves out of work or school.. any time we please.

But do not get too carried away with this, my friend. Using a doctor’s note template can be a bit dangerous.  You must do it very carefully and tactfully.   DO not do it more than once.  Use this for a very very special occasion where you really need a little bit of time off.  If you do it too much the ol’ boss will catch onto this.

BUt once you prepare yourself for this journey, make sure you find a reputable site and just download and print the note.  You’ll be skipping work in no time.

Brian Parker

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