How to Use a Doctors Note and How Not To Use It 

Illness is one of the most common reasons people fail to show up for work or school. Sometimes it’s also a popular reason people give as an excuse for being late. However, most companies and academic institutions have some way of verifying whether or not you were/are actually sick if you claim so. This is mostly done using a popular document referred to as the doctor’s note. But what is a doctors note and how do you use it? When can you use it and what does it contain? Below are some important pointers on how to use a doctor’s note for work or school and how not to use it (you can also learn more over here).

Important Things You Should Know On Using a Doctors Note

Know What It Is and Its Contents 
Employees miss work and students miss exams or classes due to illness. Most institutions demand proof of illness in such a case. A doctor’s note is a note that you provide to the concerned administration to provide this proof. It shows that you were examined by a medical physician and indicates your names and the date the diagnosis was done. It also states the dates or number of days you should be excused from duty as recommended by the physician.

Know Where to Find It 
The doctor’s note is mostly provided by the company/school bearing your lateness or absence. In some instances, however, it can originate from the medical institution.

Have Your Physician Fill It 
Once you have the document, the physician fills in the required information and hands it to you, signed and stamped (authenticated).

Take It to Your Employer/School 
It’s usually a wise idea to present the doctors note to your employer or school before you take the sick leave. They will then liaise with the medical institution using the captured information for verification purposes before granting you a leave of absence.

How Not To Use It 
It’s usually not a wise thing to use a doctor’s note to fake an illness, defraud an institution, or commit a malpractice. Also, faking the document for whatever reason is never a wise move. Higher chances are that you will get caught and the consequences can be dire.

Brian Parker

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