Freezing Fat at Home

Weight is a common problem in the United States. There are plenty of diets on the market today. Many people are so dissatisfied with these diets that they turn to other methods including fat freezing. Fat freezing is the cooling of resistant body fats in pockets. Fat freezing is a natural and safe method that is FDA approved. The fat freeze method is considered safer than liposuction.

Some people are skeptical if it really is possible to freeze fat. Cryolipolysis was developed in 2009 as a way to break down fatty cells through freezing and enable people to trim down. The idea of freezing cells to lose weight was discovered by two Massachusetts General doctors, Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. R. Rox Anderson. The doctors discovered that children who sucked on ice and ate popsicles on a regular basis had a significant amount of weight loss in their cheeks. This condition known as popsicle panniculitis, made Manstein and Anderson wonder if ice could be applied to other areas of the body to achieve the same results as the children’s cheeks. Cryolipolysis was tried with much success.

CoolSculpting, a form of Cryolipolsis, has become a popular method of losing body fat in the comfort of your own home. Many targeted fatty areas include the chin, the stomach, under the arms, and the thighs. A device called a applicator is placed on a fatty area for about an hour before it’s removed. The targeted area is vigorously massaged to destroy the ice crystals that the treatment with the applicator has created.

People who have discovered that dieting and exercising haven’t gotten rid of stubborn pockets of body fat, are pleased with having their fat frozen as a fitness treatment. People getting their target fat areas frozen find that the body will flush out fat for the next six months.

Brian Parker

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