How to Use a Doctors Note and How Not To Use It 

Illness is one of the most common reasons people fail to show up for work or school. Sometimes it’s also a popular reason people give as an excuse for being late. However, most companies and academic institutions have some way of verifying whether or not you were/are actually sick if you claim so. This is mostly done using a popular document referred to as the doctor’s note. But what is a doctors note and how do you use it? When can you use it and what does it contain? Below are some important pointers on how to use a doctor’s note for work or school and how not to use it (you can also learn more over here).

Important Things You Should Know On Using a Doctors Note

Know What It Is and Its Contents 
Employees miss work and students miss exams or classes due to illness. Most institutions demand proof of illness in such a case. A doctor’s note is a note that you provide to the concerned administration to provide this proof. It shows that you were examined by a medical physician and indicates your names and the date the diagnosis was done. It also states the dates or number of days you should be excused from duty as recommended by the physician.

Know Where to Find It 
The doctor’s note is mostly provided by the company/school bearing your lateness or absence. In some instances, however, it can originate from the medical institution.

Have Your Physician Fill It 
Once you have the document, the physician fills in the required information and hands it to you, signed and stamped (authenticated).

Take It to Your Employer/School 
It’s usually a wise idea to present the doctors note to your employer or school before you take the sick leave. They will then liaise with the medical institution using the captured information for verification purposes before granting you a leave of absence.

How Not To Use It 
It’s usually not a wise thing to use a doctor’s note to fake an illness, defraud an institution, or commit a malpractice. Also, faking the document for whatever reason is never a wise move. Higher chances are that you will get caught and the consequences can be dire.

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The Magic of the Doctor’s Note

They are ready for a doctor's note.

They are ready for a doctor’s note.

Picture this: you have a killer headache, you have a large amount of homework to do, and your house is in dire need of a cleaning. But to make matters worse, you’re due into work in just a few hours. Before you rip your hair out in stress, remember that there is always an easy solution to anything in today’s age of technology. In this case, this technology comes in the form of a fake doctor’s note.

How To Get Out Of Work With Fake Doctor Notes

It’s common to not like to work. In fact, it’s completely common to dread going to work; especially on certain days. When chores and other matters start to pile up, employees start to wonder if maybe their job could be postponed temporarily so their life can be put on track again. If nothing else, the time could be used to relax and catch up on sleep that employees usually lack.

But to do so, we need a fake doctor’s note. Most employers are aware that employees don’t like working. In fact, almost every employer you encounter will demand both a phone call to mention you will not make it to work, and a doctor’s note to show that you aren’t lying. After all, why go to work on a Saturday night when all of your friends are out having fun? Employers know your pain, yet they still need your help and won’t like it if you bail to go have fun with friends!

Get medical forms here.

But since employers do indeed need your help, they will be among the most suspicious entities that can be found when turning in a fake doctor’s note. A school, for instance, will not place too much importance on a student who has missed a day of school. On the contrary, employers will be left empty handed with the absence of an employer, and will want a clear cut explanation on why they were gone.

To help avoid this natural suspicion, fake doctor’s notes will have to be flawless if they are to be used to fool employers. This means that logos, company branding, and authentic looking signatures should be used to help sway the employer’s mind. In the event that you think the employer may become suspicious enough to call the number on the note, you may wish to have a friend act as a secretary for the office. Otherwise, you may create a fake answering machine message or even leave the phone off the hook to make a busy signal. If you need a doctor’s note, head here.

Since employers do have more suspicion involved, don’t expect to get away with fake doctor’s notes on a frequent basis like schools may allow. Instead, keep the fake doctor’s notes at a minimum to keep the suspicion low enough to avoid the risks- such as losing your job.

Final Thoughts on Fake Doctor’s Notes and Employers

Above all else, ensure that your fake doctor’s note looks legit when getting out of work. This can’t be stressed enough, as the risk of losing a job is very possible. Almost any employer will fire an employee that presents a fake doctor’s note to the company- so be sure the plan is bullet proof.

When the plan is set and everything is in place, you can then enjoy your day off work- and finally enjoy a little rest and relaxation!

Using a Doctors Note Template Like a Boss

the uses of a dr.'s note

the uses of a dr.’s note

We have all been there — we want to get a little bit of time off for a little “Rest and relaxation” but we do not know how to pull it off with the main man in charge.  Our bosses can be total headaches, and work policies sometimes require a doctors note to get out of work or school.  This stuff is a total drag.  But, thanks to the internet coupled with gifts of our popular culture, such as Huck Finn and Ferris Bueller, we now can get a printable doctors note template to squeeze ourselves out of work or school.. any time we please.

But do not get too carried away with this, my friend. Using a doctor’s note template can be a bit dangerous.  You must do it very carefully and tactfully.   DO not do it more than once.  Use this for a very very special occasion where you really need a little bit of time off.  If you do it too much the ol’ boss will catch onto this.

BUt once you prepare yourself for this journey, make sure you find a reputable site and just download and print the note.  You’ll be skipping work in no time.